Radiation Therapist

Radiation therapists use 3D and 4D imaging equipment and computer planning systems to create and calculate the best treatment for the patient as set out by the radiation oncologist. They deliver the radiotherapy after moving the patient into the treatment position that will provide the best radiation coverage for their cancer whilst limiting the radiation delivered to normal, healthy tissue.

As well as having scientific and technological interests, radiation therapists need to have compassion and strong social skills. Radiation therapists are responsible for working with patients throughout their treatment. Their role extends to the management of patients in dealing with their fears and worries often related to their illness and treatment. Radiation therapists work as members of a highly skilled team.

As an Australian graduate, there are good travel opportunities to work overseas. Australian graduates are wanted in many countries due to their multi-level skills.


Click on the video above which provides an overview of the role of Radiation Therapists.

Education and Training

Radiation Therapist

High School

Interest in mathematics, physics and biology

University study required and professional entry to the profession

Professional entry to Radiation Therapy in Australia involves ONE of the following:

- Completion of an accredited three year undergraduate Radiation Therapy Bachelor degree followed by completion of the National Professional Development Programme(NPDP)*
- Completion of an accredited four-year undergraduate Radiation Therapy Bachelor degree
- Completion of an accredited two-year graduate entry Radiation Therapy Master degree followed by completion of the National Professional Development Programme (NPDP)
- Completion of an accredited two-year graduate entry radiation therapy Master degree


All students and qualified professionals will be registered with the Australian Health Practitioners Regulation Agency(AHPRA). All require a Radiation Use Licence from their local radiation health department.

Check with the Universities Admissions Centre for each university’s entry prerequisites.

Working Conditions and Salary Range

Radiation Therapists can work in either public or private practice. Salaries vary from State to State as Health is a State concern and not a Federal jurisdiction. The range of salary for a radiation therapist is approximately $54,000 to $142,000. Further details regarding salary are available from individual departments and practices.